Heavy Equipment Towing San Antonio

Concrete Mixer Truck Needs Heavy Equipment Towing Here near San Antonio, we had a heavy equipment towing situation last week that was the adult equivalent to playing in a sandbox.  Remember, being a kid and playing in the sandbox. You had your dump truck and your crane and your concrete mixer truck.  Last week, we

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Heavy Towing in San Antonio

Boat and Trailer Piggyback on Landoll Trailer Heavy Towing was needed when a trailer broke last week near San Antonio. A truck carrying a 26-foot boat was forced to stop in Marion, TX.   The driver couldn’t continue to his home in San Antonio as the frame of the trailer holding the boat broke. Now, if a

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Heavy Duty Towing with 48k lbs of Frac Sand

Challenge of Heavy Duty Towing with Auto Traffic and Frac Sand Heavy duty towing was required in San Antonio last week with a semi truck hauling tons of frac sand.  While one grain of sand is nearly as light as dust, 48,000 pounds of sand can strain even the sturdiest roadside, towing equipment.  Mission Wrecker was

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