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Heavy Recovery Team Called in When 18 Wheeler Caught Fire 

A heavy recovery team was dispatched to Kingsbury, Texas, after an 18 wheeler caught fire on the highway. The truck was transporting a full load of mozzarella cheese when it had a blowout and suddenly caught on fire. The fire spread quickly and both the tractor and trailer were engulfed in flames. It was a sight that would make any cheese lover weep. The tractor trailer was completely burnt to the ground with melted mozzarella cheese oozing out onto the highway. While it would have been tempting to bring a couple of slices of bread and make a grilled cheese sandwich, the Mission Wrecker team had to stay focused on the job. Before moving the tractor and trailer, the heavy recovery team had a whole lot of cheese to get out of the way. Equipped with a backhoe and a skid steer, the Mission team scraped all of the cheese from what was left of the trailer.They scooped up the melted cheese with the skid steer and deposited it all in a roll off dumpster. To add an extra level of complexity to the recovery, cheese was becoming embedded into the ground as the team went back and forth with the skid steer. It was a cool 41 degree night and the team had to bring in heated power broom sweepers to remelt the cheese and pick it up with absorbent!Something tells us that the heavy recovery team will be staying clear of cheesy food for a while! Great job out there team! 

Details of Heavy Recovery Team Called in When 18 Wheeler Caught Fire

A heavy recovery team was requested in Kingsbury, Texas. An 18 wheeler had blown out a tire and somehow caught on fire. A heavy recovery team was immediately dispatched to the scene of the accident. The heavy recovery team arrived at the site of the accident on a highway in Kingsbury, Texas. The heavy recovery team assessed the situation. The heavy recovery team noted that both the tractor and the trailer had burnt and were considered total losses. The 18 wheeler had been transporting mozzarella cheese. The cheese was now leaking out of the truck and onto the highway. The heavy recovery team needed to clean up the cheese prior to moving the tractor trailer to avoid spreading the mess further along the highway.The heavy recovery team utilized a backhoe and skid steer to clean up the cheese. The heavy recovery team scraped the cheese out of the heavily burnt remains of the trailer. The heavy recovery team scooped up the cheese with the skid steer. The cheese was deposited in a roll off dumpster and transported away from the scene of the accident.The heavy recovery team used a power broom to heat up the asphalt and melt any remaining cheese. The heavy recovery team cleaned the last of the cheese with absorbent. The heavy recovery team was now able to focus on the tractor and trailer.