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Heavy Duty Towing

Mission Wrecker’s heavy duty towing services are the most respected and sought after in the San Antonio area.  You may not know that 14 out 17 local police and fire departments prefer to work with Mission Wrecker. Our Wreckmaster certified heavy towing professionals are highly skilled at complex recovery projects including semi towing, heavy truck towing, RV towing,  off-road recovery, frac-sand recovery and more. We handle any type of heavy truck towing situation. Mission Wrecker Service is equipped with a state of the art vehicle tracking system which enables our trained and certified drivers to get to your disabled location in a timely manner.  Our heavy duty drivers are well experienced and certified in many specialized recovery situations. They go through rigorous technical training and continuing education training yearly. Every safety precaution is observed to ensure a safe recovery and tow to your destination.

Heavy Towing Staff

Our heavy towing staff is trained in the precise operational details of heavy duty towing and heavy recovery. We have the heavy-truck towing equipment ready to get the job done right the first time. Feel free to give us a call if you need a hand. Our knowledgeable dispatchers talk you through the job start to finish. Then, we’ll match you with an experienced team of  certified operators to complete the heavy towing job.

How Mission Wrecker Handles Heavy Duty Towing

At  Mission Wrecker Services, we acknowledge that each heavy towing job poses distinctive challenges and problems. We carefully map out every job in advance to consider logistics, necessary technical experience, equipment, and applicable parts or resources to complete a job efficiently. We are prepared for any kind of tow. Also, we facilitate load-shifting cargo and tractor swaps. We prioritize the importance of your job to get you moving again quickly, safely, and in a cost-effective manner. We’ll send a heavy duty tow truck to bring your truck, semi or boxtruck back safely. When you need fast, reliable, and experience heavy-duty towing service, remember Mission Wrecker Heavy Towing Service. Many heavy towing companies don’t have the know-how to provide clients with the knowledge to handle most any situation. Mission is the company in San Antonio who gets the calls when things get complicated. We understand your business values and recognize the importance of keeping a fully operational fleet. We act fast to keep you on the road at full capacity.  Our heavy duty towing services are the most respected and sought after in the  

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